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Colonial Capital Chapter of the APA

   June 11th Meeting                                                                                                   Virginia Employment Commission 

        What Every Payroll Professional Needs to Know

        Hosey Burgess - VEC Hampton Roads District Manager

    August 13th Meeting    TBA

    September 10th NPW Celebration Meeting   TBA

April 09th Meeting  

New Payroll System Selection & Implementation

In today’s ever-changing world of payroll, making the decision to implement a new payroll system is complex at best.  There are many decisions to be made (in house vs outsourcing, SaaS vs on-premise to name a few).  In this presentation, we will discuss best practices and gotchas of system selection, find system integrators (if needed), project planning and resource planning. 

Topics to be covered are as follows:

~Do you really need a new system or provider

~What type of system works best for your organization

~Do you need a Request for Proposal, Request for Information

~OK, you have made your decision.  Now What?

~What to expect from system integrators

~Documenting As Is

~You need to be live by when?!?

~Let’s start with go-live

~Communication, Communication, Communication

~Do you need to work 2 full-time jobs?

Presenter: Karen N. Settembrino, CPP

Bio:  Karen Settembrino has been an active member of the American Payroll Association since 1996, earning her CPP in the same year.  She has been involved in payroll since 1979 and participates on 9 current national GRTF and SPLTF subcommittees including IRS Issues, Child Support, and Other Garnishments and Emerging Technologies.  Karen was awarded the Meritorious Service Award by the APA in 2017.  Her experience includes payroll processing and management, system implementations and product management for a large software company.  Karen currently is an applications engineer responsible for creating payroll data for US, UK, Canada, UAE, China, and Mexico localizations to be utilized in demonstrations of system capabilities.


April 09th - Meeting

  • Topic: New Payroll System Selection & Implementation

     Speaker:  Karen Settembrino, CPP - Oracle