June Meeting -  Advance Payroll Calculations beyond Regular and Overtime Pay

This session will be aimed at understanding the processes and questions surrounding bonuses, group term life insurance, and third-party sick pay.  Also, learn why every payroll professional must have a good working knowledge of how to calculate these types of payrolls or risk regulatory consequences.  Bring your calculators, paper, and pencils as we calculate payroll beyond the basics

Time for Revie- Form 1099 MISC

This session is designed to cover the purpose of the Form 1099 MISC, learn who typical would receive the form and we will do a do and line by line overview of the form.  After we have covered the form we will discuss the filing requirements of the form.

 Presenter: Jasmine Jones, CPP 

PenSoft Tax Librarian   

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June 12th - Meeting

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