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Colonial Capital Chapter of the APA

February Meeting - Online Payroll - Internet Security

Presenter:  Stephanie C. Salavejus, CPP 

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Payroll has advanced to using current technology to meet the demands of employers and employees.  Many of our services are located in the cloud and while it can streamline our processes, but payroll professionals need to be aware of secure access when working online.

Recent media about data breaches and negative articles relating to internet cookies has prompted some users to delete cookies or set their systems not to accept “cookies” from the frequented websites resulting in undesired consequences.

Join us for an interactive session learning how to operate online while maintaining security for the sensitive information you are working with.

Learn what is Internet/Web browser cookies technology, how it is used for online activity and how to maintain efficiency without compromising security. 

February 15th - Meeting

  • Topic: Online Payroll - Internet Security       Presenter: Stephanie C. Salavejus, CPP