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>  April 09th, 2019                                   

Karen Settembrino - Oracle                          System Selection & Implementation 

>  June  11th, 2019                                 

Virginia Employment Commission -

Hosey Burgess  Hmpt Roads District Mgr   

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The American Payroll Association (APA) is the professional society of payroll professionals.Established in 1982 has grown to over 22,000 members nationwide.


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February 12th 

The Colonial Capital Chapter’s CPP/FPC Study group is all about helping you acquire new skills or upgrading the ones you already have.

It is an intensive payroll review course requiring an estimated 8-10 hours per week study time in addition to the course time.

The online classroom includes interactive study games, and guest instructors with CPP certification teaching credentials.

Course Fees:  Members $100.00

Non-members $175- Includes membership

Class schedule: Feb 12 – March 28, 2019, Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Textbook:  2018 Payroll Source
Books may be purchased directly from the American Payroll Association. 


We invite you to attend a meeting. It is our goal to provide a venue to obtain payroll knowledge, make available networking opportunities, and energize your careers.

The Colonial Capital Chapter of the American Payroll Association (CCC-APA) is affiliated with American Payroll Institute, Inc. (dba American Payroll Association) but is an autonomous and independent organization. American Payroll Institute, Inc. is not responsible for the liabilities, statements, or activities of any of its affiliated chapters.

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